The Legend of Burn & Flip Poker


‘Poker face’ Capone

The gang manager, ‘Scarface’ Al Capone, needs to burn and hand over the dark and gloomy rooms at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville in an effort to stay out of their FBI clutches. The room was specifically built for your own Mafia Don and can still be used for the day … but as a dining room area.

The area, which is magnificent with extraordinary mirrors to avoid anyone sneaking up in the famous gangster to support it, has hidden the secrets and panels of the halls used when gangsters want a quick escape!

But it’s not only mandarins from the underworld who are tempted by mystics with this simple casino game, before the Chair of the United States is also a loyal supporter.

Truman’s ‘Harpie Club’
Harry Truman has been the creator of the ‘Harpie Club’, a team dedicated entirely to this poker game and as a determinant of Truman he played together regularly in the 1920s. After reaching the White House, his playing days took poker for a completely new measurement and then he was seen boarding the President’s cruise ship, Williamsburg, along with cards handed over in more than 1 situation.

In 1946, the iconic British statesman, Winston Churchill, was invited to combine Truman’s dining table in any way, Truman and firmly made the former British Prime Minister briefly stacked and of course contradicted those principles!

John F Kennedy is another US President who not only enjoys women but also a lot of poker. He was involved in a quick poker match between seductive Marilyn Monroe who was charming, but lost his temper in one of the rooms built according to the evil President’s guidelines.

Obama ‘Low Key’
Barack Obama, called the upcoming US President (at this time he will officially become the US President) who prefers that low stakes and is also supposedly usually at the draw or stud table. Of course American politics now involves more than just beer and cigars – perhaps bourbon and gambling will improve mood and also bring the United States more in tune with the rest of the gambling world.

The singing sensation of Frank Sinatra is captivated by poker and gambling which he sings songs for Las Vegas and also the table. ‘The luck of being a woman’ is his nod to the poker giant and also the casino boss, who is said to have a very controversial relationship with!

Nelson & Rhodes revoked it
Two British boxing legends, including WBO heavyweight explorer World Champion, Johnny Nelson and Ryan Rhodes, the holders of the British lightweight boxing management title recently, have recently been seen giving up. This time it turns out the strategy of dead gloves on the table using a charity event and not from the ring.

The best bowler spin the world has ever seen, the unrivaled Shame Warne, was chosen to play golf in the very lucrative Indian premier league and can brush her Hold-em art to fight with next year’s World Series of Poker and American Andy Roddick claims he has translated his poker face into court in an attempt to cheat his tennis competition judi poker online!

Ben Affleck and also the World Poker Tour
British naughty boy, Robbie Williams and also Hollywood elegant man, Ben Affleck eyeing Montecarlo’s feet from this European Poker tour. Affleck is no stranger to buzz and possibly poker tours around the world and has ripped off the name, ” California State Poker Championship 2004 which earned him a seat at WPT.

Poker is sure to be brought up by the game to get the sleaze ball into a pampered and strong past!