Canine Agility Equipment – Free Game or Competition?

There are five factors to consider before you and your dog decide which agility
direction you want to focus on. First, there is fun with your dog at home. Second, there is competition where many
people have to “win” inside their bodies (and I’m one of them!).
Third, you need to find out if you and your dog just want to have some
fun and exercise in a club for a social and competitive outing. Fourth, there are professionals
and cons with running through the dog’s agility equipment for fun or
competition. And finally, make a decision and stick with it.

I had people who came to me and said the dog can jump high, it’s full of
energy, hungry to run and jump bola tangkas, etc. But that doesn’t mean all dogs
Trainers and their dogs will want to compete in the agility sport ring.
You may have the impression that your dog just wants to have fun, so do
an effort to establish an agility course in your backyard or get together
with a small group. I’m not suggesting creating a full agility course,
we know it’s expensive and take up a lot of space, and we know that most of your
backyards may not fit on all equipment. Instead, set up some
Obstacles like some jumps and braids form their own path. Or just having
your dog does most of the exercise by jumping over bars and chasing a ball or
You can engage in social activities such as dog clubs or breeds.
There are many clubs starting out with agility or just getting together to
Have fun and socialize, a healthy environment to meet with dogs. Up until
clubs with a competitive group also welcome
beginner class.

Training and grooming your dog for competition takes time, patience and more.
patience. Converting from the fun atmosphere of your backyard or club to the
The competition level alters your spontaneous free play to planned training sessions and goals to devote more time to training.
Training to compete requires a lot of teamwork. You
and your dog needs to know each other well, trust each other and find their weaknesses and
strengths in both of you. To succeed in the competition, your dog
must have a “clean run” which means no bars have been dropped, making the contacts,
running on the course and making time. Wow, this is a huge challenge to be done.
All this at once. This requires training of behaviors specific to each obstacle. You need to ask yourself “are we willing
and able to work hard? “If that’s what you want and your dog is capable, start with simple training methods, do one thing
each time until you two can move on to the next most difficult method of
Training. Competition on Animal Planets on TV and also in games
How Great Outdoors on ESPN Looks So Easy for Trainers and Their Dogs
running the agility course. Don’t forget the fact that it took most of them 3-5
years to reach this level, or more.

If you can’t decide which direction to go, free play or competition, let your dog
speak. Play with your dog, throw a frisbee, ball, play tug
war, do obedience training, take some time, maybe 2 to 4 months.
This will give you a better idea of ​​what your dog likes. Making one
When deciding about free play or competition, there is no right or wrong answer.
Every dog ​​owner and his dog will make a deal or pact on what kind
of activity they choose. However, it is necessary to carefully observe the
talents, limitations and desire that each dog has. For example, an edge
collie who loves running and jumping through all the agility gear but is asked to do
obedience training, which requires a lot of seating, stays, meetings, and meetings, can find it difficult to be quiet
The bottom line is figuring out what makes your dog happy.
and how you can have fun with your dog. Do not force your dog to run on
agility when you just want to stay home or not force you to
stay home wherever you want to go and leave.