Know What You Are Talking About! Texas Hold Em Poker Terms

Get to know some of poker’s terms!

Texas Hold Em

The most popular type of poker on the Internet, quick and easy to learn, but hard to master. All players are dealt two cards face down and must make the best hand possible using their cards and five community cards available to all players. Bets take place after each round of trading, which are

1. Deal – Each player is dealt two cards (hole cards)

2. The Flop – Three cards are dealt face up for all players to use.

3. Turn or 4th street – One more card is dealt to all players.

4. The River or 5th Street – The Ultimate Community Card

After the final betting round, if more than one person is still on, the final players must show their cards and whoever has the best hand wins the round and receives the pot.

Pot Limit / No Limit Texas Hold Em

These are the two main types of Texas hold poker bets. Originally, no limit was the most popular type, which means that the only limit for your bets is the amount of chips you currently have, but that changed, however, as many of the great poker players were cleaning up playing poker games. aggressive and betting younger players out of the game. When Texas Hold’em was raised and raised, this limits the stakes to the amount of chips currently in the pot. This creates a different game and different tactics, especially when it comes to betting, as big scare tactical moves like All-In cannot be performed unless there is already an exceptionally large pot. More recently, with the introduction on the Internet, we have seen a huge increase in No-Limit Hold Em and now this type is more common.

Betting table

This rule is widely used throughout the poker world and means that you can only bet what is on the table. Once this is done, you are declared all-in and therefore you can only beat your opponents up to and equal to the amount of chips you have put in yourself.


Blinds are mandatory bets to keep all players involved and some chips in all pots. The blinds are named by the remaining two points of the dealer. Directly to the left of the dealer is the small blind and the player for the remaining small blinds is the big blind (usually double the small blind). At fixed money tables, blinds are fixed and are determined by the minimum bets. In tournament games, blinds usually increase at fixed time intervals for action.

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